Get ready for the Lobit Music Festival! Date revealed: Sunday 8 Jul 2012! 5 pm! (lobith , Netherland)


Hello Wonderful Lobit Music Lovers!
the mystery date is revealed! come to Lobith, the Netherlands on sunday 8th of Jul for a perfect celebration of the lobit music and entertainment!
admission is totally free! plus at some locations free drinks, cakes and even cheaper haircuts at the local hairdresser shop!
the festival is held in the village of Lobith, at various interesting locations.
important info for the home stayers:::

if it is not possible for you to travel to Lobith and still didnt want to miss out on this one of a kind unique festival, than you will be pleased to hear that it will be broadcasted live by your talented hosts Graham Boosey (rainbow valley) DJ Falco and Kai Nobuko (toxic chicken).
the live stream is kindly provided by 3 RADIO and will start 5 PM (Netherlandic time)
(go to for the live stream!)
also while the festival is going on it is still possible to interact and chit and chat with fellow lobit friends and other people at the chat room from 3 RADIO… so even for the home stayers it will be even a online celebration! ❤

where to spot your favourite lobit artists and enjoy their live performance:

artist: Jjoth
keywords: experimental audio art
location: Bibliotheek De Liemers
start time: +-5:05PM
** special note: please keep the noise down in this location and no crisps allowed.

artist: Flat Affect
keywords: experimental audio art
location: Bibliotheek De Liemers
start time +- 5:30PM
** special note: be respectful to the people while enjoying the performance in the library.

artist: Hertzcanary
keywords: idm dance glitch
location: Physique (Gym(
start time: +- 5:45PM
** special note: bring your sport shoes!

artist: Nevzoro inc
keywords: electronic, experimental, dance
location: Physique (Gym)
start time: +-6:25PM
**special note: bring your sweatbands! and towel!

artist: The Corporation Killers
keywords: acoustic set
location: Bestand (Bandstand in the market)
start time: +-6:50PM
**special note: do not ever feed the locals!

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système
keywords: ambience, soundscape, experimental
location: Windmill (de Coornmolen)
start time: +-7:20PM
** come early, full is full!

artist: Pogohm
keywords: french sexy dance
location: Top 1 Toys
start time: +-7:40PM
** please do not steal or damage the toys.

artist: Rainbow Valley
keywords: rainbow heaven lobit music
location:  Snackbar Smikkel Inn
start time: +-8:05PM
** please do not throw with the fast food.

artist: c4
keywords: lobit techno acid chill
location: Cafe De Buck
start time: +- 8:30PM
** all drinks are free!

artists consistency nature & Thomas Baragona
keywords: avantgarde soundcapes ambient
location Windmill (de Coornmolen
start time: +-8:50PM
** please do eat the cakes at your own risk

artist: Toxic Chicken
keywords: minimal chicken music
location: Haarmode Moustache
start time: +-9:15PM
** today 20% of at every hair cut!

artist: Pollux
keywords: wonderful gothic drone ambient
location: de kerk (the church)
start time: +-9:30PM
** please do not step on the graves

artists:Irrlicht Project & Thorsou
keywords:audio art performance
location: Top Secret!
start time: +-10:10PM
** follow the arrows to find this location..

artist: alex & Serge Ischenkau (Genetic Brothers)
keywords: electronic party music
location: Partycentrum Schipperspoort
start time: +-10:35PM
** party hard but dont forget your helmet.

artist: Hlo
keywords: hlllllooo dance glitch lobit
location: Fred Burgers Drankenservice
start time: +-11:00PM
** dont forget your hammer!

artist: Covolux
keywords: lobit ambient
location: Windmill (de Coornmolen)
start time: +-11:05PM
** see the windmill in action

artist: Microbit Project
keywords: techno lobit dance party
location:  Bestand (Bandstand at the market)
start time: +-00:20AM
** come and dance with the locals

artist: The Pink Blob
keywords: reggea from mexico
location: Top 1 Toys
start time: +-00:50AM
** do not touch the goat!

artist: Sascha Muller
keywords: techno acid dance
location: Partycentrum Schipperspoort
start time +-01:15AM
** specially presented by DJ Falco

artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
keywords: soundscape audio collage
location: Chinees-Indish Afhaalresaturant
start time: +-01:45AM
** eat and enjoy the performance

artist: Clockwork Keyboard
keywords: experimental electronic dance
location: Partycentrum Schipperspoort
start time: +-01:05AM
** a dartboard is available!

artist: D0x10
keywords: feel good music
location: Bed & Breakfast Slaap
start time: +-02:15AM
** enjoy the final live performance in a bed!

Hello Lobit Lovers

Welcome to the official website of the LOBIT Music Festival!
A festive celebration of world wide music & art in a Lobit rate, held in the wonderful town of Lobith, the Netherlands.
we promise you entertainment for the whole family, with a amazing, divers program of only
the best international Lobit artists + some fine obscure acts too!
Music, rock, techno, soundart, poetry, home baked cookies and a blowup castle for the kids, we will supply all!
If that’s not enough: this festival will be completely FREE to attend!

LOBIT music Festival
location: Lobith, The Netherlands.
date: Mystery date _**_**_ 2012
artists line up: confirmed for now::
C4 (us)
JJOTH (ukraine)
TOXIC CHICKEN (thailand)
D0X10 (finland)
HLO (us)
COVOLUX (holland)
THE PINK BLOB (mexico)
HRTZCANARY (antarctica)
Obsolète Broadcast Système (canada)
POLLUX (france)
& perhaps more… 🙂
Festival description:
Martin L King had a dream but Tibol had one dream too; the realisation of a true Lobit music festival featuring a variety of great known and lesser known international lobit artists from all over the globe. to come together, have fun, and perform their art/music/poetry/sounds how they want it to a small but interested crowd.
Today we finally got the money and the time together to organize this joyful event.

The festival will be held in the village Lobith in The Netherlands, close near the german border with lots of water surrounding it. The performances will be held in some secret locations in and around Lobith. We will keep you up to date where to catch your favorite act or lobit artists.
Live Streaming / or on demand listening of the festival:
The LOBIT Music Festival will be available as a live stream on Unicode Music radio stream and also available after that on demand at: Tibol Lobit Radio.
after the festival we will try to compile it as a down-loadable release on with the help of Sirona Records.
So if you are not able to make your way to the wonderful village of Lobith
for some crazy wacky reason, you are not going to miss out on these wonderful lobit sounds created by your favorite lobit artists..

Mystery Date:
The festival will be held at a mystery date. please keep an eye to this website. and keep your agenda free somewhere at the in the middle of  the year 2012!