Bands/acts info

the project jotth was created in 2008 in Sumy, Ukraine. The main concept of its art is fully absence of audition, vocals or any other talents of jjoth’s members. Different virtual simulators are using as music instruments, vocal parts are being modulated and distorted. All these effects put together into Dada and deeply mentally sick sense of the project.

In 2008, jjoth released their first album on independent internet-label under the number 107. It’s purposely recorded in terrible quality and without any adequate concept.

jjoth is also behind the great quality netlabel; 8ravens. a label who completly focusses on releasing music albums encoded in the warmth of 8kbps encoding. started in march 2010 the label is going strong with its 66 releases and counting! featuring big names lobit artist next to more obscure ones but always in a uncontrollable high quality!
please sure be check this label out!

as one of these fine consistent lobit hero”s out there Jjoth will have the honor to open the Lobit Music Festival! dont miss out!

Hertzcanary aka hertz canary (from germany) is known for her experimental idm music and her kick ass sophisticated programming skills.
She is so skilled she can kill every music maker out there with a single tracker!
Why spending a penny on a bunch of smelly cash eating ego tripping self claimed braindance artists if you have Hertzcanary delivering way more interesting, cooler ( did we mention; brilliant?) ass kicking stuff! her music is experimental mental but of the make-you-wanna-dance-like-a-

mentalist-way! next to cool new out of proportions invented sounds she also adds a fair dose of humor to it all!
She is one of the celebrated artist of the mother of lobit: 20kbps netlabel ( please do check out her newest “birds” releases! )
and also released on now legendary mp3death and reamp3. she also releases her output and that of other big shots in the scene on her own netlabel Abulia concepts. expect a spectaculair ball grabbing musical performance where you will find your feet doing a split backwards!

a well known project in the underground scene created by the hottest producer and music promoter from Toledo; Adam Crammond ( also known as Graffiti Mechanism & Madam Adam)
his ultimate real time rave classics who takes you straight back to the days where techno and electro where still based on syntific experiments with wicked pounding rhytems!
C4 brings you pure electric exciting music from the heart. he explores drone, ambient but mostly the kind of rhytmic acid that will keep you dancing for years! completly fuelled by cheap beers and lots of coffee Adam Crammond is not only a proliffic exellent producer, he also changed the netlabel scene with his famous Proc-Records netlabel and lobit love orientated 4m@ records. making a home for tons of artists to express their excellent music in a time where most netlabels where very small minded. Proc records celebrated tons of releases and compilations with special conceptual concepts. for example the legendary room for seconds compilation where artists could send in a track of exactly one second/ or the back to backwards comp where all music was in reverse etc etc)
next to giving a home Adam C. is also a regular host and DJ for the Tibol Lobit Radio show under his pseudo DJ Madam Adam.
C4 has released on many legendary labels like 20kbps and happy puppy records and is definiatly one of these fine acts you can not help but enjoy! C4 is one of these fine underground acts around, definiatly a act not to be missed!

Rainbow Valley is the brainchild of Southend-on-Sea producer Graham Boosey (uk) where he explores a very heavenly sound using the whole space and his skills to light up your heart with his intens carefully created lobit soundscapes.
Bringing pure warmth in a flow of pure emotion with every output he brings out. He has released on high class labels as Sangoplasmo, Jozik Records , Liminal noise, top of the flops, sirona records, diskette etikette records, effluvia and counting!  and mainly released his wonderful lobit music on floppy disks, audiotapes and netlabels.
Graham Boosey delivers with his Rainbow Valley; pure musical light beams and his sound will make you fall in love with lobit! guaranteed!
He is also making electronic music as Little Penguin but that is a complete different story…. (but worth to check out though!)

Rainbow Valley is also a well respected host of the first lobit radio show in the world tibol and for this festive occasion he will also join Kai Nobuko as the presenter of the Lobit Music Festival. keeping you up to date through the radio of all the performance and joyful happenings!


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, born in Chicago (USA), now living in Berlin, is a performance artist, musician, free improvisator and composer of experimental music. The compositions from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method.
He is also producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records, andmakes” miniatur film clips” to the release of his compositions.
released on tons of netlabels!

Flat Affect is the atmospheric noise project of Shaun Phelps of Panama City, FL
Flat Affect rose from the ashes of multiple failed group-noise projects, fulfilling a need to record audio while realizing that other people cannot be counted on if one expects to make any progress.

Flat Affect was first released under the moniker “Nobody_Important” on Hypnoskull’s Dark Skies over Planet E. Hypnoskull had asked 100 artists from around the world to submit 5 seconds of sound.

Since that time, Nobody_Important changed to Project_Name, which changed to Alogiac Avolition, which became Bastard Child, which became Aud. In the midst of these horrible project names, Flat Affect rose to become an all-consuming force.

Flat Affect has been releasing albums at an exponential rate, from the humble beginnings of a single 3″ CD-r in 2005 to the 30 and counting releases in 2008. It is quickly becoming apparent that Flat Affect is an integral part of the international underground noise trading scene.

Flat Affect also runs the SP Netlabel where he and his peers have created a home for high quality trash!

A awesome Adelaide Garage Grunge Band.
containing two fantasic members who take turns singing and playing guitar songs.
they play covers aswell as their own works.
they started the corporation killers in july 2011 and since than killed alot of corporations with their sophisticated to the point songs!
the Corporation Killers are real, very real and are the fresh wind of music with a human touch at any party!
the corporation killers is a side project of hectic head (lobit electric psychedelic artist: justin coughman) & his friend Cody!

Pollux’s real name is Arnaud Barbe. He’s a 23 year old boy from Grenoble, France.
He started making electronic music in the end of 2007 during a depressed period within his life with a track titled “Frustration”, which is a mix of minimalist ambient indus sound & porn samples.

His first Ep was released on the Dustin Must Die Netlabel simply titled “Sirona”.  This album was composed with some elements from hardcore techno and ambient tracks.  As a reflection of his personality at the time, Pollux’s electronic music was divided into both parts of his personality.

It was in the end of 2008, when he discovered the label Proc-Records and release an Ep on it called “Version”, that he came to the conclusion that his heart was dedicated to ambient / electronica music and the endless possibilities of expression it was able to provide . It became clear that this style of sound was what he really wanted to explore and felt it fully expressed the real part of what he was.

It was also around this time that he discovered the lobit movement. His first exposure to the style was with the album “Soma/Psyche” which was released on Microbit-Records. Perpetuating his admiration and dedication to the lobit scene was the discovery of the 8ravens netlabel. It was then that he started to experiment with 8kbps sound, and debuted on a  split with Graffiti Mechanism & Kai Nobuko. From then on, he became an active member of the Low Bitrate Community and showed his interest in the movement by continuing to release low bitrate music, while also paying close attention to others who were active as well.

2010 saw the debut of his first physical release, simply titled “Scan (Slow Version)”. In essence, it’s a mini cd-r which was released on the wonderful Kwark Records label, and was composed with a single dark ambient drone noise track. In tandem, Arnaud also has physical stuff. Here are some very symbolic physical releases for Pollux: A lobit,ambient floppy-disk album, “Riot From The Sky”. This floppy can be found on Diskette Etikette Rekords. A compilation of various beat tracks called “Blue Riot” in Kitty On Fire Records. The “Offeir Their Souls” split release with his friend Master Toad released on Trashfuck Records, a label who influenced him heavily in his noise production ventures. You can also listen a physical release in the styles of ambient, and brain dance-electronica titled “Crucial Hopes From Dead Birds”, released in Dark Meadow Recordings. Essentially, this is simply a compilation of three separate Ep’s, which together formed a comprehensive and concise Lp. To date, Pollux claims this album in particular to be one of his best releases at the time. More physical releases have been planned & released, this list is just some symbolic gaps in Pollux musical life.

In Janunary of 2009 he curated a netlabel known as Creative Obsession, although it became defunct after almost 50 releases. In March 2011, under the influence of Proc-Records and filled with experience and an adequate knowledge of the netlabel scene, he finally chose to start an entirely new netlabel, an unbiased place dedicated to all styles of electronic sound, regardless of the bitrate. This new netlabel, known internationally as Sirona-Records, quickly became an important netlabel in the underground scene through it’s strong emphases on endless experimentation and the strong community-feel which it conveys.

In addition to his new netlabel, Arnaud joined forces with the brilliant mind of Kai Nobuko to help break ground on the world’s first lobit webradio podcast called Tibol. Created to help share the love of low bitrate sound, it quickly gained traction from others in the lobit movement who were equally as motivated about being a Dj for Tibol.  Already quite popular by many in the underground, the podcast seems to have a beautiful and positive future.

For those of you who want to get a better idea of what Pollux’s music sounds like, feel free to browse his vast catalog of self-crafted music, however, it should be known that he currently has more than 130 releases and is featured on roughly 40 compilations! But number is just a number, and remember: “Sincerity is the key”.

Consistency Nature is a shapeless, directionless continuum through sound and images and text and essence and delirium and panic and harmony and fine dining and death and hypnosis and bugs and botany and mimetic hooligans
Consistency Nature is the brainchild of experimental musician “Dishdawash” who is occasionally joined with a number of varying musicians.
He released on multiple wonderful places all around the globe and goes from art, ambience to amazing thrilling poetry works and beyond.
In August 2011 he has started his own experimental label called Effluvia Recordings for his own outputs but most of all his growing musical friends.
with its first release of the famous Ploof with its Mars Amphitheater album there was no stopping to the effluvia of it all.. now 92 releases of interesting outer limits kind of music by a whole lot of great underground artists who dishdawash always introduce in a poetic art way his label has released its very first physical release in the shape of a good old tape!
but not excatly cause it comes in a beautiful unique handpainted package including goodies, notes and there are just 5 of them! of course this is a album by Consistency Nature what is worth gold! so grab it now if you possibly can!
For the Lobit Music Festival Consistency Nature will perform live with the well known Thomas Baragona, so that would be a fascination live set that would be absolutly worth every second of it! open your mind and let the journey begin!

Evgenij V. Kharitonov performs, records and releases music as EugeneKha / Microbit Project / Spacebirds / Nameless Dancers and other names. Poet and Musician, Writer, Sound and visual artist. He was born in 1969 in Moscow. Has got philological education, the author of numerous literary publications and many books, works in journalism. The publisher and the editor of magazine of literary and art avant-guard “Drugoe Polusharie/Another Hemisphere”, audio-magazine of sound poetry and audio art “ARTronic Poetry”, the curator of Festival of experimental art “Lapa Azora”.

In music is engaged from the middle 1980. In first half 80 was DJ and the dancer in the Moscow Disko-theatre “Columb”, since 1987 played different rock groups as the guitarist, the vocalist and the author of songs (bands: “The We”,Kharitonov’s Fuck Orchestra, Khram Snov). In the late nineties seriously was engaged sound poetry and audio-art. Acts with performances, has let out many audio-albums as sound poet, it was published in sound poetry magazines. The participant of many vanguard festivals and live performances.

In 2000 has taken a great interest in electronic music, without adhering to any one direction. Basic: EugeneKha (Various ambience music and intelligent electronic) and Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Sound art, soundscape, sound poetry, avant-garde sound).

Side-projects: Nameless dancers (Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Lounge, Dance) Spacebirds (Disco, Spacesynth, Sci-Fi Dance, Space) Microbit Project (Field for radical-underground experiments from dialup music to toytronica) Yoko Absorbing (Colaboration with Mikhail Lezin. Avant-garde rock, Free Jazz, Sound Art)

Evgenij V. Kharitonov – operator of netlabels 45 Echoes Sounds (Ambient music), Microbit-Records (lowbit), Laser Viza (Spacesynth), 45RPM-Records (chill/lounge), Another Hemisphere Records (Sound Poetry).

Please Visit on Evgenij V. Kharitonov Webs:
Visual arts page:
Home site:

Alex & Sergei Ischenkau are genetic brothers from Kyiv (Ukraine)!
coming together to deliver a spectaculair live show at the lobit music festival. both are multi instrumentalists and Alex is very well known in the underground netlabel scene as Vziel.
He produces music in every possible kind of genre and is a vast member of the lobit scene.
he also runs the very fun label : Genetic Trance which is a noncommercial label releasing information in physical and digital format. reflecting the idea of total informational freedom and limitlessness of expression of artistic concepts.
Genetic Brothers are energetic, unexpected and sure know how to party! dont miss out on these fellows for the time of your life!

obsolete broadcasting systeme
The OBS sound and musical projects are birthed in a suburban household basement located in the sprawling hub of the greater Moncton area in rural New Brunswick (Canada). This project is part of the anti-commercial, free music movement. OBS adheres to an amateur and fiercely populist agenda, specialising in dated or stereotypical hardware accessible to the common household (i.e., cheap gear). In the limitations we find unexpected avenues for creative expression.
completelyhooked on that fabulous lobit sound, OBS has created already many epic releases on some high class netlabels like o.a. top of the flops, rejected and sirona.. his music is very personal and will take you anywhere where OBS wants you to go. from outer space, to his place of birth. so we are looking forward at the performance of OBS at the Lobit Music Festival and wonder where his sounds will take us today!

Formed in 2010 by Noisesurfer and Loose Link as a Global Net
Band of improvised Sounds mixed for a simple Ep, the project went further and released a full album in 2011.
Late this year
the group make a new meeting for future release and added a new member Sven Meyer (4) for complete this fusion of sounds and roots around,Germany,New Zealand and Spain.

Sascha Muller aka Pharmacom start his career with DJing and producing in 1990. He was inspired by projects like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and stuff like Sven Vath played in his DJ sets. The musical style reaches from ambient chill out, house and techno music in his own special way. His way of producing is the use old analog equipment in the same way as the newest software in digital producing. The greatest thing for him is to create new soundcollagen and wicked samples for his tracks. As a DJ he played in several european locations and events like love parade and thunderdome. At the moment he is also playing as a VJ and is involved in multimedia productions with some other global video and graphic artists.
he is great member of the lobit scene laying down lobit dance tracks for your feet to dance on!
he also runs the labels: super 6, chillzone records & pharmacon records..


Pogohm, a project by underground musician Pollux, also the head of Sirona Records is a mish mash of hardcore, electro, acid, and industrial sounds.
he comes from Grenoble, France and is here to kick lobit ass!
mental breaks with a slash hammer on the dance floor! a pure recommendation for the dancing mentalist! another act not to be missed!

where does HLO stand for? we have asked the dictionary and it came up with the following answers: 1) Hello 2) Helicopter Landing Officer (offshore oil and gas industry) 3) High Lunar Orbit 4) Helicobacter-Like Organism 5) Hot-line Operator 6) Hispanic Latino Outreach . i guess High Lunar Orbit is the closest one. but in this case it could be Hello and High in a LO bitrate!
which means that this artist/producer and DIY circuit bend genius from the usa (we forgot where!) will arrive here completely high, drunk and off his socks to give you the performance of a life time! he promised us some dancy breaks for the dancy break freaks, so get your freak on!
catch him if you can and be sure to sport some dancy shoes, ir go barefeet!

covolux is a project by kai nobuko. exploring daily emotions and converting them into ambient/drone and field recordings.
he released his output in lobit as well as in hifi on respectable netlabels. the project started long time ago with the self release of a cd-r with experimental womb-sounding sounds. unfortunately kai didn’t keep a copy for himself and probably nobody got this mythical CD-r to rent back

He is a reggae artist from the south of Mexico.
He is known for his splendid dub wize mixes for various famous names.
(Which for legal reasons, we cannot name…)
Since  1980 he started to live a life in Jamaica, because he was inspired by Bob.
Bob lived when he was younger with his German dad in Mexico too.
And since Blob heard Bob singing ‘one love’ he fall in love with reggae music.
King of Kings Hale Selassie has given him a mission to continue the work of Bob and spread Jah love all over the world!
He has done some gigs with bounty killer and shaggy,
but they had some trouble accepting his color. (and his doggy friend) The Pink Blob always enjoys his life
and that’s where all his tunes are about!

Loose Link is the musical alias of Craig Gillman, he is an electronic musician from New Zealand. He released his first album “Random Proportions” on December 2010 through Ross Baker’s U.K netlabel Jerky Oats, almost entirely constructed from samples from other music. From there he has made hour long mixes like “The Free Frontier” for The New Worck mixtape site which mixed many different netlabel artists together, and “Soundcloud Nine” which did the same for Soundcloud members.

He has also contributed two tracks to the FSOLBoard compilation “Terminal Window”, remixed “Kelpie” for Second Thought, collaborated with Joachim Rontxoelious on a project called “Clockwork Keyboard” and released an EP called Electron Mace, which contains 5 re-workings of the title track plus 8 remixes by Dinimiciúla Duo from Ireland, Flying Battery from the USA, Option Command from Australia plus others.

Currently working on many more things, including a second Loose Link album.


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